News: HCD officially released a ceramic core of double-mesh graded heating ——AXdual, which revolutionized the technology of atomization core again

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Recently, one of a ceramic cores invention patent of HCD has been exposed, which got wide attention from the industry.



Today, Mr. Chen Ping, CEO of HCD, officially announced that HCD AXdual ——double-mesh graded heating ceramic core was listed, it will help brand enterprises of Electronic atomization (E-atomization for short) start a new era of atomizing.


(AXdual Video)


Since Han Li brought e-cigarette into the public’s field of vision in 2003, it has experienced 19 years of development history. During this process, Atomization core, as the core component of e-cigarette, is constantly updated and iterated, and has experienced six generations of technological innovation:

· The first generation : glass fiber rope;

· The second generation: traditional cotton core;

· The third generation : cylindrical ceramic core;

· The fourth generation : film coated ceramic core;

· The fifth generation : steel sheet ceramic core;

· The sixth generation: AX big smoke mesh-core ceramics;

The innovation of six generations of atomization core technology has promoted the rapid development of e-cigarettes.


HCD, as the world’s leading provider of atomization technology solutions, has been engaged in research and development, production and sales of atomization core technology for thirteen years. In the past 13 years, HCD has pioneered steel ceramic core and AX big smoke ceramic core, and shipped more than 10 billion atomization cores in total, becoming the leader in the field of atomization cores.


With the promulgation of E-cigarette Management Measures, especially E-cigarette National Standard, HCD has positively embraced the policy and made efforts to research and develop products that meet the new national standard.



Through double-mesh and graded heating, AXdual ceramic core solved the problems of local high temperature, powder dropping, carbon deposition, heavy metal release, oil conduction and oil leakage of ceramic core to the maximum extent, and carried out eight key points upgrades respectively.



Dual-mesh heating &

grading temperature control
Double-mesh heating&graded temperature control, more efficient, accurate and controllable e-liquid guided, smoke volume increased by 50%.


Multi-layer temperature field gradual heating:

the taste is upgraded by 100%

Multi-layer temperature field progressive heating

Significantly reduce the separation of atomizing-liquid molecules.

Improve the taste reduction degree.


Avoid high local temperature. 

Significantly reduce harmful substances

Avoid the possibility of local high-temperature zones internal and surface of the ceramic body to the greatest extent, and significantly reduce the formation of aldehyde harmful substances caused by thermal decomposition of carrier substances (PG and VG) of atomized liquid.



High efficiency of double heating sheet:

reducing carbon deposition and heavy metal release.

The heating efficiency of double heating sheet is higher than single one. Under the same quantity of smoke, the temperature of heating sheet can be appropriately lowered to prolong the lifespan of heater. Under the same puffs,reduced the carbon deposit, burnt taste and release of heavy metals.


Progressive heating: reducing ceramic powder dropping

Progressive heating, reducing excessive hot & cold shock and the hidden trouble of ceramic powder dropping from the source



Double power:

free switching between high and low gear

It can switch freely between 5-10W high and low gear, with double power range and smooth atomization dynamic response.




Thinnest ceramic core in industry,

Smaller and thinner

The thinnest ceramic can be 3.0mm, which is 31% thinner than before. It is the thinnest ceramic core in the industry at present, and suitable for smaller assembly space and thinner atomization equipment.


Accurate temperature control,

meet the new national standard