The patent exposure of HCD’s patent of “Dual-mesh Graded Heating” ceramic core may subvert the traditional technology of the industry.

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Recently, the patent information published by the State Intellectual Property Office shows that HCD obtained an invention patent of a heating mechanism and its atomizing device for graded heating last year, among which the double-mesh graded heating and uniform atomization are the biggest highlights of the product. It is not hard to speculate from the exposed patent appearance diagram that it may be a new ceramic atomization core developed by the company.


(Patent screenshot)


Electric heating atomization technology is a new one emerging in recent years, which is applied to medical treatment, intelligent home appliances and consumer electronics products etc, among which used to the atomization device in the e-cigarette industry is particularly extensive. In order to solve the problems of initial small quantity of smoke, insufficient oil supply or burn core, the existing technology is to enlarge micro-pores or reduce heat, but the above two ways still have the disadvantages of oil leakage and insufficient atomizing.


(Patent structure diagram)


This patented invention of HCD has broken the shortcomings of traditional technical . According to the patent specification, aiming at the defects of the prior art, the invention provides a heating mechanism and an atomizing device for graded heating, which can avoid or reduce the problem of small amount of initial working smoke without enlarging micro-pores or reducing heat, and achieve uniform atomization effect.


(Patent structure diagram)


From some exposed pictures, we can find that this product is a double mesh sheet. The obvious beneficial effect of this invention is that the heating circuit is provided with a preheating part and an atomizing part. The preheating part preheats the liquid-guide part and e-liquid first, which reduces the kinematic viscosity of the e-liquid in the liquid guide part and improves the fluidity, so that the e-liquid can quickly reach the atomizing surface from the liquid-inlet part.


As we all know, the compulsory national standard for e-cigarettes was officially announced recently, and it will be implemented on October 1st, which means that the industry has stricter access principles, and the research and development of high-quality products that meet the national standard has also become the key point of the development of the industry. As of press time, HCD has not publicized this patent yet.


HCD is the global leading provider of atomizing technology solutions, with more than 100 patents, and its products and service customers have spread to more than 100 countries and regions around the world.