Scientific Popularization|Discover the secret of atomization core taste and lifespan

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In the last article, we talked about the working principle of the atomizing core–the atomization core is wrapped with oil-storage cotton, and the e-liquid soaks into the cotton, the heating wire is energized to conduct heat, and the e-liquid evaporates to produce smoke. Then, how can we make the atomization core work better to have a longer life and provide customers with a more satisfactory experience? It’s the goal of HCD R&D department pursuing all the time.



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It’s always focus on the taste first then the lifespan while talked about the atomization core, producer won’t test its life service if the atomization core cannot guarantee the taste.


The taste of atomization core can not be evaluated by machine, but can only be puffed manually. The secret of good taste comes from:


  1. Heating plate
  2. Oil-storage cotton
  3. Atomizationcore structure


When adjusting e-cigarettes, R&D engineers need to find a [balance point] between the above three points and e-liquid.


1. [Selection of heating plate]

Different materials have different effects. The customized N406 alloy heating sheet selected for COTTONXof HCD is characterized by fast heat conduction and difficult carbon deposition.


2.[Design of heating plate]

includes thickness, material, length, width and circuit design. The requirements are very precise. Even if its length, width and thickness change by 0.01 mm, the taste will be greatly changed. Because the thickness affects the heat conduction (if the mesh is too wide, it will lead to heat dispersion), and the heat affects the evaporation speed, which in turn affects the taste.


3.[Oil storage cotton]

The material, density and winding method of oil storage cotton are very important factors. Cotton with high density has strong oil locking ability, which will slow down the oil guiding speed and lead to the risk of burning; On the contrary, the density is small, the oil guiding speed is fast, but it is easy to leak oil. The heating wire is six or seven hundred degrees after the power is turned on, if it is neutralized with e-liquid, the working temperature is only about 200 degrees. Therefore, the speed of oil intake will affect the service life and taste. Good cotton should have fast oil guiding speed, strong oil locking ability and high temperature resistance to avoiding easy burning the core.


4.[Atomization core structure]

Structure determines the speed of oil intake, COTTONX adopts the structure of oil intake all around.


[Balance point] There is no fixed answer. It can be said that empiricism is the highest in this field. Experienced engineers can adjust spontaneously according to the situation when puffing: Is the cotton piece wrapped with a thick layer to leading slow oil intake then affecting the aroma? Or, if the heating temperature of the heating piece is not enough, how to adjust the wire diameter and resistance of the mesh?


Sometimes, the matching cotton sheet is not reasonable enough, so it is necessary to change the heating temperature of the mesh plate and bring up the fragrance; Sometimes, the oil feeding effect of cotton sheets is not good, and the density of mesh sheets needs to be adjusted. The key is to find the [balance point] between the oil inlet speed and the atomization speed. Adjusting cigarettes is like trying on clothes, you have to tailor it. Different e-liquid has different consistency or formula, so engineers need to provide different solutions to meet the taste requirements of customers.


The taste is a very personal feeling. For the same taste, everyone has different evaluation in its aroma, sweetness, humidity and reducibility. Customers come to the scene to adjust cigarettes. If the customer is not satisfied with the program provided, HCD R&D engineers will keep trying all the time until the customer is satisfied. There was a time, the cooperation company has been more than ten years of old customers brought more than 20 kinds of e-liquid, HCD engineers provided many different atomization core solutions and adjusting the product until three o’clock at night. The engineer said, “Our target is to help the customer to solve all matters & concern come once”



In terms of factors affecting the life of atomization core, regarding the external factors, e-liquid takes a relatively large account. The consistency and chemical impurities of e-liquid are related to the life of atomization core , which the thicker and more impurities e-liquid will take the greater workload of atomization core, just like a person who overeats is not as healthy as a person who has a balanced diet.


Aside from external causes, the biggest threat to the life of the atomization core is “carbon deposition”. Carbon deposition is the residue after atomized. It shows that the heating wire is black and has slurry. If there are too many atomized residues, the cotton core will be burnt and feel the bad smell. If the electronic atomizer works all the time, the temperature will always be around 200 degrees, and there will be basically no carbon deposition. However, in the later stage, there is little e-liquid left, the oil feeding speed of the oil-storage cotton slows down, and the working voltage does not change, so carbon deposits will be generated rapidly and in large quantities with  the temperature of the heating plate rising, which will endanger the life of the atomization core. The principle of carbon deposition is similar to that of fried food, which can’t be fried at low temperature, but will be fried at high temperature.


Therefore, if you want to prolong the life of the atomization core, you’d better do it as follows: the atomization core can ensure that the fragrance and sweetness can be extracted at low temperature, so that keep great taste until the later stage; Only at the end, insufficient e-liquid leading to less oil intake with the temperature still rising, so carbon deposition is still inevitable, but the impact will not be too great.